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Donald Trump / Carrie Lam

Here’s an opinion piece from the Washington Post regarding Trump’s willful subversion of the rule of law in the U.S.   Replace “Donald Trump” with “Carrie Lam,” “William Barr” with our DoJ Secretary, “Teresa Cheung,” and “Republicans” with the “DAB,” and the article is as accurate for Hong Kong as it is for… Read more »

Ancient Crimes

In Carrie Lam’s letter, Hong Kong’s rule of law is sacrificed to state paranoia  

No One to Blame

China’s Hong Kong problem: Now there’s nobody else to blame  

One Country, One System

One Country, One System: As Hong Kong faces another summer of unrest, the world must make up its mind on Beijing  

An Open Letter

An open letter to China’s new officials in Hong Kong: climb that wall!

The Child and the Well

The child and the well: can ancient wisdom show Hong Kong a way through an uncertain future?