Category: Politics

An Open Letter

An open letter to China’s new officials in Hong Kong: climb that wall!

The Child and the Well

The child and the well: can ancient wisdom show Hong Kong a way through an uncertain future?

Extreme Capitalism

James Tam, in this rant, says that the underlying cause of Hong Kong’s current almost-but-not-quite civil war is extreme capitalism. This post is not a response to his, and nor is it about that civil almost-war, but is an acknowledgement that he’s supplied a point of entry for a post I’ve been trying to write for… Read more »

Britain, Great Once Again?

I’m feeling quite proud this morning. Yes, I’m an expat and hope to remain so, but with Hong Kong heading south and fast, the likelihood of being forced out looms ever larger. And, yes, I suppose I have a bigger emotional attachment to the land of my birth than I realised. And that land, with… Read more »

Dominic Cheney and Dick Cummings

The Chris Maden Award for Braxen Hypocrisy is struggling to find a home this week. There are just too many contenders, and the race is tight. BoJo was off to a flying start for writing to the EU to say that the backstop was undemocratic, only to suspend Britain’s democracy. He then went on to place… Read more »