Exercise in a Pill

`Exercise pill’ could deliver benefits of fitness in tablet form says a headline in yesterday’s Guardian. It sounds like more of a threat than a promise. In the last few days, I’ve

  • Crewed on a yacht, juggling poles and sails on an under-crewed foredeck (and not done a very good job of it),
  • Been for a short, easy walk with friends,
  • With thanks to Derek Irwin for organizing it, and for the pictures, I’ve been for a long, tough hike through some stunning, inaccessible places in Hong Kong
  • DSC09909-1.JPG
  • Won my first literary prize (albeit in an impromptu competition with few entrants) for the haiku verse inspired by the above walk, and
  • Compounded the aches and pains from the above by doing another tough walk yesterday.

Here goes the haiku:

Mottled green moss

Under fast bubbling water

A dragonfly dies

for which I received a bottle of champagne which we drank.

Even with a certifiable nutcase in charge of the world’s biggest nuclear arsenal, life is still pretty damn good. And they can’t put that in a pill.