A few years ago, I had double toothache. Within seven days, not one but both of my upper wisdom teeth became inflamed. Pulling the uppers ones was easy – they were dead anyway – but one of the opposing lower ones needed to be pulled too. It was a healthy tooth, and one of the roots was shaped like a fishhook. The X-ray didn’t show this so the dentist found out as he was going along. I have a very high metabolism, so the local anesthetics wore off very quickly. After four hours in the chair, all I wanted was an end to the pain.

It’s barely six weeks into the on-going agony of Trump. He’s killed US servicemen in a raid in Yemen that Obama avoided because… it would kill US servicemen to no purpose; he’s tried twice and will probably fail twice to get all Muslims banned; his Environmental Secretary has just decried that Carbon Dioxide is not a warming gas; it has only just come to Trump’s attention that one of his key advisers, Michael Flynn was a foreign agent; the repeal and replace programme being barged through Congress will defund Planned Parenthood, causing thousands of unwanted pregnancies, while dramatically cutting taxes for the rich and fucking over the poor; and Trump’s own active engagement with Russia is being forgotten under the unsubstantiated claims of wiretapping.

I said in my last post that some constitutional amendments are well overdue. Consider one to stop idiots voting. Americans will suffer first, but this administration’s only way of saving itself is war, and when they take on Iran – which they will – the rest of us will die too when the nukes start flying.