ExecuTweet Orders

Welcome to Imperium Trumpum, rule by Executive Orders (which are not even in the constitution) issued by America’s new Emperor on behalf of the Heritage Foundation.

This cannot fail, of course, to make America great. A president who is not welcome in the House of Parliament of America’s number one ally; an almost entirely male, Protestant and white cabinet (there’s exactly one black person, probably only there because he’s so useless he’s harmless) that includes Education, Energy and Environmental Secretaries whose stated aims are to trash the departments they’re to be put in charge of, a Secretary of State who holds a hero’s award from Russia and a Foreign Secretary whose policy appears to be to fight wars everywhere, with everyone, and preferably with nukes.

The budget – of course – will be cut, by US$10.5 trillion over ten years. Not bad, seeing the annual budget is about 3.6 trillion, so a 30% annual reduction. And he’s going to rebuild America’s infrastructure and fight a few wars, cut taxes (for the rich, at least), and still effect those huge cuts. Without increasing the deficit. 1+1+1=2? We seem to be not only fact-free, but logic-free.

Those politicians who question any appointments are silenced on frivolous grounds. The press are no longer welcome; the White House under Trump will be providing carefully orchestrated PR-sessions and any deviation will no doubt be labeled as “fake news.”

Before the election, many apologists for Trump said that he was playing to the gallery, and would moderate his policies once he was in power. To the contrary, to the extent that he said anything substantive at all, he’s setting out to do everything he said he would and much more.

There is a vision here, but what is it? As neither the Great Confusicator nor his party appear capable of articulating anything longer than a tweet, I think it’s worth a few posts to try and work out what that vision is. So watch this space.